About Josh

A passionate chess coach, competitive player and chess blogger.

My name is Josh Price, 16 years young, home schooled, and a proud Christian.

I plan to graduate high-school this year, and am working very hard on my chess everyday!

I am fairly active in the che

ss community, and show my support wherever I can.

With the goal to reach NM before I am 20. I do my best to be inspiring and helpful to everyone I meet. My favorite thing to do is play OTB chess, especially when meeting friends.

What will your coaching provide?

 I provide analysis of your games, which not only helps you improve, but helps me find the key problems that are holding YOU back! I provide opening preparation and homework if wanted.  I accept all messages and games from students, giving feedback, tips, and encouragement. And much, much more. I want YOU to improve!

What is the rating range in which you teach?

I teach students from beginner to 2000 chess.com ratings, but won’t turn somebody 2000+ who wants to learn. I believe that you don’t have to have a title to be a great coach!

How long have you been playing chess & coaching?

I have been playing chess for around 4 years, and OTB chess about 3. I have been coaching for 9 months.