Beginner Chess Lessons

Private Coaching (Beginner) 0-999 Online Rating. $25USD/hour.

Here is what you can expect from my coaching!

I am a dedicated coach that will find a training plan that works for YOU!

Analysis of your games, giving tips that you can use to improve!

Basic openings that are easy to learn/improve that focus on the fundamentals of chess.

Consistent tips throughout the week for FREE when taking lessons. I am happy to look at games, and answer questions during the week! The more games I see from my students, the better my coaching gets, because if I understand how you play, I can break down your weaknesses one at a time!

I provide a thinking method that will help keep you from blundering!


A detailed look at what I have to offer.

  • How to get out of the opening without complication
  • Learn how to avoid blundering!
  • Don’t understand your losses? Not a problem! I will break down your games into easy to learn concepts that you can take right into your games!
  • I will be available for messages/texts throughout each week to help you with your chess improvement even when there isn’t a scheduled lesson. The more I know about you and your chess the better my coaching will get!
  • A dedicated coach who wants YOU to improve!
  • Have fun in chess while getting better!

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